About Me & Some Other Fun Projects

Zach Barnett graduated from Purdue University in 2017. Zach enjoys creating engaging and interactive spaces from web development, to game development, and even to making art and writing music. This page is a collection of personal projects from over the years. Thanks for visiting the site!

Also, let's not forget that slot machine on the home page.

Javascript Text Adventure Game

Play it here!

I developed a text-based adventure game engine in JavaScript and jQuery. The game reads from XML (after learning a lot since starting this, I'd probably use JSON, but XML works for now), meaning the story can be written easily and separately to the logic (i.e. the game's events and interactions are not explicitly coded).
The story is surreal and symbolic, filled with oddities and a couple of puzzles so far. I'm still writing it every now and then, but I am prioritizing professional projects at the moment.

A to Z

I made this game as a Christmas present for my girlfriend, Amanda. The letters move together, though opposite along the X axis, and the goal is to bring A(manda) and Z(ach) together. All art and programming was done in GameMaker, using its in-house art editor and its coding language GML respectively.

Parallax Tests

This was a game project I made in a couple of days to experiment with zoom and parallax in 2d. The many layers of images move and zoom according to their depth and position on screen. The title Post Control is also a play-on-words, which I tend to enjoy. The coding was done in GameMaker using its internal coding language GML

Here's another (earlier) parallax test I made, in another pastel-colored pixel art style.

Skeleton Game

At this stage, this game is more of an art asset test than anything else. I am using this game as a tool to exercise my pixel art as well as using this as a teaching tool to help my girlfriend learn to program games.

Here is an updated gif showcasing some progress in the art and functionality of the game